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Located in the County of Brant, the 13,380 square foot Resource Centre provides CDBA Ontario with the ability to provide additional programs for people who are deafblind from across Ontario in areas such as volunteer opportunities, music programs, sensory experiences, respite, social and recreational activities, art programs, and much more.

We are very proud of our Resource Centre. CDBA Ontario consulted with individuals who ared deafblind, families, members and other community stakeholders to determine the contents. It took the collaboration of countless minds to create this uniquely accessible Centre and the organization is eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to creation of this innovative Resource Centre.

Contained within the walls are: a two bedroom respite apartment, Snoezelen room (Click here for more information), music room (Click here for more information), board room, offices, tuck shop, communication lab stocked with accessible communication technology, multi-purpose room, training classroom and a café. The café will provide volunteer and employment opportunities for individuals who are deafblind.

About the Snoezelen Room and Music Room

The Snoezelen and Music Rooms are now available for use by appointment for individuals who are deafblind.  Intervenors supporting individuals using these rooms are to complete basic training on the operation and care of the equipment prior to use.  Training will take place in the rooms, and will take 1.5 hours.  Emphasis will be on the operation of the equipment and the care of the rooms, with some time to explore and test some of the equipment.  Each trainee will sign off that they understand the guidelines and agree to follow them.  Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the termination of your sessions.  Please contact Holly Floyd (see below for info) to sign up for training sessions.

Cost for Snoezelen and Music Rooms?
A flat rate will be charged for the use of both rooms. This will permit us to maintain the rooms, replace needed bulbs and fuses and repair any damaged equipment.
Snoezelen Room:
$5.00 for 1 hour (45 minute session, 15 minutes to clean up) Individual experience
Music Room:
$5.00 for 1 hour (45 minute session, 15 minute clean up) individual or group experience if 1:1 ratio permits

The rooms are currently available on various dates and times so please call for availability.
Please Note: People who have epilepsy or have experienced seizures recently should consult a family physician before using some of the equipment. 

Should you have any questions regarding fees or reasons for the implementation, please contact Holly Floyd, Special Projects Intervenor at 1-877-760-739 Ext. 102 or by email at:


The CDBA Ontario Resource Centre is the first in the province that is uniquely designed to meet the accessibility needs of individuals who are deafblind. It includes features such as ceiling lifts, an adult attendant area, fire alarms with strobe lighting, countertops designed for wheelchair access, Brailled and high contrast signs, as well as lots of natural light and specialized lighting. The halls of the Resource Centre are lined with uniquely textured railings. These railings provide visitors with tactile information that indicates which section of the building they are in. Considerations also went in to the colours used for the walls, kitchen countertops and floors and were carefully selected to highlight transitions or to communicate other important information.


The vision for Resource Centre goes all the way back to the early days of the organization, when CDBA Ontario board members including Chuck Bulmer and Stan Munroe dared to dream big about a centre designed for individuals who are deafblind. The dream was kept alive through the years by the board of directors. In 2008 a CDBA Ontario study group consisting of Carolyn Monaco, Susan Hall, Cathy Pascuttini and Cathy Proll had the opportunity to visit Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark and Vancouver. CDBA Ontario has been working hard ever since to make the concept of our very own Resource Centre a reality and are proud to say that this dream has come true! Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter’s envisions a future where “all people who are deafblind will live rich meaningful lives”. The Resource Centre is an important step to realizing this vision.

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