Kevin was born in 1971 with a rare syndrome which left him deafblind, immobile and small in stature. Despite these challenges, Kevin enjoyed painting and with assistance of intervenors created beautiful art using his handprints and footprints in the colourful images.

Kevin Robb Thompson

His paintings were a bestseller in the Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter community. Following Kevin’s passing at age 46 last October, his family assembled as much of his artwork as possible with the idea of sharing it with supporters as a remembrance to Kevin and a reminder of the abilities of people who are deafblind and what they can accomplish with Intervenor Services.

The Thompson family is proud to unveil the first project, a 2019 wall calendar that features reproductions of 13 pieces of Kevin’s art.

All proceeds from the calendar sales will go to the Kevin Thompson Memorial Fund to support educational and professional development opportunities for intervenors.

“Intervenors were everything to Kevin,” says Kevin’s younger brother Will, who spearheaded the project for the family.

The Kevin Thompson Memorial Fund is supported by Stillwaters Plate & Pour!, where Will is chef and co-owner, and CDBA Ontario.

The calendars cost $20 and are for sale in the RC Store at the
CDBA Ontario Resource Centre, 50 Main St., Paris, ON.

They are also being sold at:

Stillwaters Plate & Pour!

To reserve a calendar, please contact RC Store coordinator Mike Merritt at

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