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CDBA Ontario is pleased to share the following stories. These stories would not be possible without the generous financial contributions of individuals like you. Donate now and help us create new stories.

Pam's Story
Pam shares her experiences as she attends the 2010 Parent Conference at the Blue Mountain Resort
Ruth's Story
Learn how to creatively use technology to advance consumer communications
Shawn's Story
How Shawn's ceremonial first pitch brought attention to those living with Deafblindness
Campbell's Story
From a mother's own words, read about how CDBA's funding support helped Campbell learn some valuable skills.
Jeff's Story
Find out how the Accessible Equipment Funding has helped Jeff live a rich meaningful life.
Hannah's Story
Learn how Children's Intervenor Services has allowed Hannah to live a more independent life as a teenage girl.
Kim's Story
The Parent Conference has changed Kim's life. Find out how this essential program has impacted Kim's life.
Jessica's Story
Read Jessica's Story and find out how Children's Intervenor Services has made Jessica's mom proud.
Melissa's Story
Find out in a mother's own words why Children's Intervenor Services are important to both the child and the family.

Do you want to share how CDBA Ontario has made a difference in your life or that of a loved one? Contact the office at to share your story today.

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