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We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter (CDBA ON) Children’s Intervenor Services Funding (CISF) will operate again for the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

The Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter’s vision is that “all people who are deafblind will live rich meaningful lives”. This, of course, includes children in the province of Ontario who require Intervenor services outside of the school setting.

Last year CDBA Ontario helped 43 families with a deafblind child take part in recreational, educational and cultural activities over the summer through Children’s Intervenor Services Funding.

The funding also helped cover costs for intervenors to attend weekly outings, build experience books, teach sign language, help to improve communication and community involvement and offset entrance fees for things like movies, amusement parks and museums.

Parents were pleased to see the return of Children’s Intervenor Services Funding after the program was put on hold for a few years. Several wrote back to thank us.

“This is so very much appreciated and will allow us to be able to participate in the next CHARGE conference and learn more and connect with other families,” said one.

“I look forward to using the funding for camps and swimming programs for (my child). I am also interested and adult courses that I can take to help me communicate with (her),” said another.

Another mom said the funding will enable her daughter to attend gymnastics class with an intervenor. Her daughter also wants to start a travel blog, so some of the funds will go toward paying for an intervenor to accompany her as she learns to build a website and blog.

The CISF program is designed to assist children who are deafblind to be involved in their communities with the support of intervenor services. The funding is intended to support family caregivers with training opportunities related to deafblindness, costs associated with assessment or consultation related to the condition of deafblindness and costs that may be associated with an intervenor.

The program covers children between the ages of three and 21 who are enrolled in an educational program. They must have a functional deafblind assessment that has been completed by a specialist trained in deafblindness. The application must also be accompanied by reports from an audiologist and an ophthalmologist. The reports must not be older than five years old.

Children living in group homes or supported by other agencies are not eligible for the program. Family members are not eligible to be paid for the provision of intervenor services.

Allowable expenses include intervenor services, intervenor admissions to recreation, social, leisure, fitness or community events, program fees, camp fees, parent or caregiver training related to deafblindness, intervenor training, assessments related to the deafblindness and respite programs.

Expenses not covered by the program include equipment, computer and related equipment, mobility devices, respite provided by family members, travel expenses, daycare, indirect support such as cleaning or meal preparation, and post-secondary tuition and expenses.

In the redevelopment of the CISF program, we aligned our practices with the eligibility criteria that the Ministry of Community and Social Services uses for adult intervenor services.

We encourage applicants to apply for funding, and be sure to include the functional deafblind assessment, as well as the vision and hearing tests, as required.

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Proceeds from fundraising like Nevada break-open tickets (BOT), CDBA Ontario annual golf tournaments and parent conferences help fund the proceeds for children's intervenor services.

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