CDBA Ontario provides specialized Training, relevant and practical Education Courses and customized Consultation Services for those who support individuals who are deafblind.

Our leading-edge Training Workshops are held in a classroom setting at the CDBA Ontario Resource Centre in Paris, Ont., or can be delivered to your organization as standard or customized workshops. Education Courses are offered online through our E-Learning services. Consultation Services are customized to meet your needs on-site at your premises or a convenient venue in your community.

Why choose CDBA Ontario as your Training provider?

CDBA Ontario has an established global reputation for training skilled, highly professionalized intervenors. Our wealth of experience in the field of deafblindness and Intervenor Services makes CDBA Ontario uniquely qualified to train your employee. CDBA Ontario believes individuals who are deafblind have the right to reach their full potential. As such, intervenors must also be trained to their full potential.

CDBA Ontario provides the following Training Workshops:
•          Introduction to Deafblindness
•          Introduction to Intervenor Services
•          Methods and Techniques
•          Communication
•          Calendars and Experience Books
•          Introduction to Adapted Sign
•          Introduction to Sighted Guide
•          Enhancing Coping Skills
•          ISHRS Behavioural Competencies
•          ISHRS Technical Competencies

CDBA Ontario can also deliver standard or customized Training Workshops direct to your organization. If you have a number of people requiring the same training or
development it can be more affordable to arrange a workshop at your own premises.

Benefits of in-house training:

• Takes place on your premises at a convenient date and time
• Offers cost savings
• Provides team-building opportunities

Our specialized training, courses and consultation services are open to employees of anagency serving a person who is deafblind, parents or family members of a person who is deafblind and members of the general public , anywhere within the province of Ontario.

Training is offered at our Resource Centre in Paris, Ont. A calendar of scheduled
training is available by following the link


CDBA Ontario offers five online courses:

• Deafblindness and the Role of the Intervenor*
• The Role of the Intervenor in Health, Wellness and Aging
• The Importance of Planning in the Role of the Intervenor
• The Role of the Intervenor in Conceptual Development and Communication
• Methods and Techniques Relating to Congenital Deafblindness and Intervention

*prerequisite for the other four courses

CDBA Ontario developed the courses in consultation with George Brown College’s
Intervenor for Deafblind Persons Program.

Consultation Services:

Consultation services are an integral part of the education and training offered by CDBA Ontario and are customized to meet the specific needs of the individual who is deafblind.Demonstrations of techniques and practical suggestions are offered on site, allowing for immediate implementation by staff and feedback from the consultant.

As well, the training consultant will work with the person who is deafblind and their
support team to develop an individualized approach to communication and programming. All consultative sessions are supplemented with a comprehensive written report.

The combination of education, specific training and frontline and supervisory experience working with individuals who are deafblind enables our Training Team to provide exceptional training to both internal employees and external organizations in the areas of deafblindness and Intervenor Services.

For more information, please contact or Courtney Robertson,Director of Human Resources, at 1-877-760-7439, ext. 116


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