We are pleased to announce that registrations are OPEN for the Fall semester of our existing online professional development courses on Deafblindness and Intervention.

Currently open for Fall 2018 registrations:

  1. Deafblindness and the Role of the Intervenor will begin on September 12th for 8 weeks (8 modules).     The cost for this course is $200.00.
  2. The Role of the Intervenor in Health, Wellness and Aging will begin on September 12th  for 10  weeks (10 modules).   The cost for this course is $250.00. 

*Registration and payment must be received no later than Friday August 31st. Limited spaces are available.*

Our online courses were developed to provide Intervenors around the globe with additional opportunities for professional development.  To date, five courses have been developed.  Below is a listing of the courses, plus a brief summary of their content for your review:

  1. Deafblindness and the Role of the Intervenor.  This course is a
    pre-requisite course and must be taken first.  This 8-module course defines Deafblindness and its impact on an individual, discusses the different types of vision and hearing loss, and introduces the key components as well as the philosophy of Intervention. 

  2. The Role of the Intervenor in Health, Wellness and Aging.  This 10 module course addresses the knowledge and skills Intervenors need to appropriately adapt and implement intervention with individuals who have complex medical needs and/or who are aging.  With these skills, Intervenors are better able to support individuals who are deafblind in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

  3. The Importance of Planning in the Role of the Intervenor.  This 10 module course provides an in-depth look at different strategies used when planning with an individual who is deafblind.  The course also addresses how planning helps to ensure a holistic, person-first approach to programming.  Participants will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge through the use of case studies highlighting a variety of situations. 
  4. The Role of the Intervenor in Conceptual Development and Communication. This 10 module course focuses on the vital role that Intervenors play in supporting an individual’s conceptual development.  The importance of linking communication with conceptual development will be highlighted. The differences between skill development and conceptual development will also be addressed.

  5. Methods and Techniques Relating to Congenital Deafblindness and Intervention. This 8 module course addresses the knowledge required by an Intervenor in the methods & techniques developed to compensate for the loss of vision and hearing with individuals with congenital deafblindness. This will assist the Intervenor in supporting individuals who are congenitally deafblind and more emergent communicators through the use of applicable strategies and tools.

    Tuition fee for the courses varies, depending upon the length of the course.  The 8 module courses  cost $200.00, while the 10 module courses cost $250.00.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. CDBA, Ontario employees can request payroll deductions for course payments, and can take advantage of our employee Education Assistance Funding also just ask me how!   Employees must request and be approved for Education Assistance Funding prior to the start of the course.  Upon successful completion of the course, the employee will then be reimbursed for up to one-half of the cost of the course.  To apply, simply check this off on your registration form, and email training@cdbaontario.com with your intentions. 

Please see the attached document for the registration form.

As part of the development process when creating these courses, CDBA Ontario asked George Brown College Intervenor Program to provide academic oversight regarding the content of the courses. GBC Intervenor Program and CDBA Ontario entered into a partnership to offer a Certificate in Congenital Deafblindness and ensure the CDBA Ontario Online courses have comparable outcomes to be included as an option toward this certificate. (This is not a Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities Certificate). The Certificate in Congenital Deafblindness and Intervening can be achieved by taking a combination of CDBA Ontario’s online courses and specific courses from the current GBC Intervenor Program course calendar.

For more information about the Certificate or any of our online learning opportunities, please contact Holly Floyd or Lindsay Border at training@cdbaontario.com or by calling 519-442-0463 or 1-877-760-7439.


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