About CDBA Ontario Chapter

Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter is a registered charity and has provided services across the province to members of the deafblind community for over 25 years. CDBA Ontario is recognized within Canada and around the world as a leader in the provision of Intervenor Services.

The organization was originally incorporated as the Canadian Deafblind and Rubella Association (Ontario Chapter) Inc. At the time of incorporation, Rubella was the leading cause of congenital deafblindness. However, due to the success of Rubella immunization programs, the incidence of Rubella as a cause of deafblindness has decreased significantly. Therefore, Rubella was removed from our name to be more inclusive, recognizing the wide variety of people in need of Intervenor Services.

CDBA Ontario provides Intervenor Services to a wide spectrum of people who are deafblind including children, families and adults of any age. In addition, we have partnered with many community agencies to provide training, consultation and support to anyone providing Intervenor Services to people who are deafblind.

Mission Statement

Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of people who are deafblind through support, services, awareness, recognition and Intervention.

Vision Statement

All people who are deafblind will live rich meaningful lives.

Core Values

We believe in:

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