We are happy to announce we will be hosting a Canada Day with CDBA

The event would build on momentum from our first-ever Christmas Concert in December and the positive work, results and atmosphere fostered by our regular music therapy sessions.

Canada Day, especially with the extra focus associated with our country’s 150th anniversary in 2017, is an opportune time to raise awareness of deafblindless and shine the spotlight on the work of CDBA Ontario.

Our consumers will be featured prominently in musical performances and other activities at the special event. Deafblind Awareness Month in June offers a perfect vehicle to spread word of our event among the deafblind community and our local community at the same time.

Bring your own Lawn Chairs

Special performances from CDBA Ontario Bell Choir, Cootes Paradise Joan Minnery, Duane Rutter, Sonny Sinclair and many more!

Canada Day

Please direct any questions to the Communications Department info@cdbaontario.com or 519-442-0463.

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